Equity Financial Trust Company is a federally chartered trust company.

We are an Alternative Mortgage Lender that deals exclusively with mortgage brokers and their clients. Our goal is to be the first choice for brokers & borrowers in the non/near prime mortgage market.

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Whatever your mortgage requirements, we will work with you to provide sound and effective solutions. By setting a new benchmark in today’s Alternative Lending space, our solutions are designed for those who require mortgages outside of traditional financing.

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Broker Centre

As a Broker, you can directly access information and documentation that is applicable to your clients’ mortgage needs. Our competent and experienced team will assist you with their client focused philosophy and commitment to help you initiate and get your deal approved and funded.

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Deposit Services

Already an investor and looking for competitive rates on GIC’s above $5,000. Our team of partners will work with you or your advisor to see how Equity Financial’s GICs are right for your investment portfolio.

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Residential First Mortgages

At Equity Financial Trust, we specialize in offering residential first mortgage financing for borrowers who do not satisfy the underwriting criteria of other mortgage lenders. If you have bruised credit, are in business for yourself and new to Canada, learn more about how we can help you, or get in touch with one of our approved brokers.
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