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Equity Financial Holdings Inc.

Equity Financial Holdings Inc. is a Canadian financial services company serving the alternative retail mortgage market through its wholly-owned subsidiary Equity Financial Trust Company. Equity Financial Trust offers residential mortgage loans on single family homes in Ontario through a network of independent mortgage brokers.

Equity Financial Trust Company is regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and operates through its head office in Toronto.

Frequently asked questions regarding Smoothwater/Equity sale transaction

When will we get more information about the proposed sale transaction and in what form?

You will receive a Management Information Circular which will contain detailed information about the proposed transaction, the process that will be followed and your rights as a shareholder in the process.

If I do not want to accept the offer and sell my shares what are my rights?

Your rights will be fully outlined in the Management Information Circular. They essentially consist of:

    a) The right to elect to dissent and be paid fair market value if the sale proceeds;
    b) The right to vote against the transaction at the meeting of shareholders; and
    c) The right to attend and be heard in court at the fairness hearing requesting approval.

If the transaction is approved by the shareholders and the court am I forced to participate and sell my shares.

The process will be more fully outlined in the Management Information Circular but if the transaction is approved and you did not properly exercise dissent rights as a dissenting shareholder then you are required to sell in accordance with the transaction. If you properly exercise dissent rights as a dissenting shareholder there will be a court process to assess the fair market value of your shares and you will sell at that value.

Can I be a continuing shareholder?

No. The continuing shareholders, in keeping with the intention to become a privately held company, are restricted to the purchaser, persons directly related to the purchaser and a limited group of senior management.

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